urban fairy life

I’m wondering a lot that I publish this look or not. Somehow I can’t identify myself with it I don’t often wear dresses. I like this outfit, because it’s so bohemian and I look like an urban fairy, but it’s unusual at the same time. I miss something extrem from it. For example a black stocking would spice up it, but it’s really hot out there, so I think, I have to say goodbye for the stockings and thigh socks.

So sad. I hate the summer outfits. They are sooo bored. Nothing extra, just a top with shorts. When I woke up and I try to find out what I wear today, I had no idea. So I picked up a floral dress, because I haven’t wore this for a long time and after I looked into the mirror… „Who is this girl?”

My mom said that this dress is so cute and looks really good on me, but I don’t want to be cute! Nowdays I got a feeling that I have to change something on me, because I’m so bored of myself. I decided that from now I start working on my style and I don’t get enough with a simple t-shirt and shorts which is in my way.

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life-saver festival tips

I wanna start a new series on the blog, because the summer is here and the festival season is coming! This is my favorite part of the year. I’m wondering that I make hairstyles, makeups and outfits video too and maybe, I will tell some funny festival stories if you are interested. Please, let me know in comment, if you are. 🙂

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born to be torn

Not so long ago, I made a really sad discovery about myself, that I’m so prejudiced too. This is normal, could be said, but this isn’t! It shouldn’t be a general human quality. We should give more time for people to know them better. And not just because we can realize that they are kinder and more helpful as we thought. Sometimes the other side will be true.

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the real face of your world

Hello girls! I really love the camouflage patterned clothes and now I’ve made an outfit with this army jacket – it’s male clothes by the way, but I don’t really care. It’s funny, that I like the army clothes, but I hate war. I’m totally anti-war, but I know, it’s almost impossible, that there won’t be wars in the world, because they are part of human nature. They are economic interests and this is what makes me sad. People are willing to kill for money and on the top of that they lie they try to help their fellow man. Disgusting. And after this, they ask me why I hate people. Really? I think it’s quite clear.

When I was young I always dreamt about I made this world better. But now that I grew up, I totally gave up on it. And this is the biggest problem in the world. People, who want to help, realize that they can’t and people who could help, when they get the potential, they forget why they’ve started. Power and money – they are too dangerous. They seduce people. Sometimes, I’m happy that I haven’t got enough money, because I can appreciate the little things for which I work a lot.

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my own fashion rules

Hello girls! Do you have any own fashion rules? Because I have and now, I wanna talk a little about these. I hope that you will like it and if you want, write me your rules in comment. I’m very curious!

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don’t afraid of the leopards

Not so long ago, I was really afraid of the animals pattern. I thought these are too vulgar. I couldn’t imagine that one day, I will wear a leopard pattern skirt. And now, it happened. I’ve mentioned before, that I really like to stretch out boundaries. I think, we have to face with our fears that we can defeat them. Wear a new clothes, it doesn’t sound a big deal, but you know, everything starts with a small step. Today, you just pick up something what you never dared to wear and tomorrow, you will kill your demons. I always say: accept yourself, but it doesn’t mean that accept your fears. Fear kill people, never forget this.

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the attempts improve you

When I look into the mirror, I always ask myself: who am I and who do I wanna be? People around me see the same girl who I see? Probably not. They don’t feel my feelings, they don’t hear my thoughts, they don’t know my past. They don’t know me truly. Nobody. And sometimes I feel that I don’t know myself either. I always try to be strong and brave, but the true is that I’m so weak and I’m afraid. I would like to talk with my future self and I would like to ask her, is it worth? Is it worth trying?

But would it be right if I knew my future? I have chosen wortly so many times and after I realised that the nice things wouldn’t have happened later if I didn’t make that mistake. I know that I’ll go somewhere in the future – I don’t know where yet – but first I have to go a long way. There’s no such thing as wasted time, because even if it won’t be like you want, you will be more and you will learn a lot. The attempts improve you. That is what you have to make aware in yourself.

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break it apart

Hello girls! I really like to pair with each other different styles. The grunge is my favorite, but sometimes, it’s a good idea to spice up with few bohemian accessories. For example a big, black hat and very long cardigan. This look is vibrating and attracts the gaze, but not because it’s too ostentatious. It’s special, but feminine at the same time. I can’t get enough of it.

The Iron Maiden shirt reminds me, who I’m truly. It shows my dark and hard side, but on the other hand, there are the hat and the platform high heels and it recalls my feminine energy. Perfect couple.

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