smell the summer!

Hello girls! I don’t know how you feel, but I can’t wait the summer. At the last weekend the weather was as shinny as on a summer afternoon. It reminded me to the festivals, so this feeling inspirated my last outfit. I’m still not bored of the fishnets, but this is a modest solution, so you can wear it bravely on the steert. You didn’t have to be afraid that you will be out of place, but you won’t be boring either.

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why do we fall?

T-shirt – TAKKO fashion
Shirt – secondhand
Leggings – BOOHOO
Boots – secondhand

Hello girls! Here I’m – again. A lot has happened this week. I’ve reached the finals in the National Student Conference. This is the biggest race among university students, so this is a really big deal to me. The finals will be next week, so I’m very excited, because I will spend a whole week in Budapest.

Altough I don’t have lot of time I try to stay active on my blog. Now, I’ve made a little bit different outfit than previously. It’s so colorful – compared to me. I got this t-shirt from my boyfriend and I really love it because of its pattern. Batman is one of my favorite superhero. He taught me that „Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” 🙂

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fear of the dark

T-shirt – secondhand
Short – George
Shoes – Boohoo
Thigh socks – H&M

Nowdays I feel like the time doesn’t pass. I’m just sitting in one place, the night replaces the day then vica-versa, but the days in the calendar don’t change. The weather is already very hot here, we don’t wear jackets or sweaters and today I ate an icecream. This was my first icecream in 2017, but I think I chose badly, because ginger isn’t tasty in icecream even though it sounds really good. However, I have never eaten icecream this early in the year. I don’t understand: where is the spring? Is it already summer? This weather freaks me out. This isn’t normal…

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barbie went to the world

Almost everything is second hand, except the shirt (C&A).

I couldn’t wait that I take an outfit post with my new overall skirt. I was dreaming about an overall jeans skirt for a long time and when I found this in a thrift shop I knew: this is the one. I’m in love with it. My friends said to me that this skirt looks like as if it would be a barbie doll’s skirt.

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lady in the dark

Hat – Romwe
Dress – Vintage
Shoes – H&M
Choker – Ebay

Hello girls! Now I’ll just write only a short post, because nowdays I don’t have enough time to take new outfit photos. I really missed doing that and I’ll try to find some days on the week when I can work on my blog, but now I devote all my time to the work, because I have to save lots of money, so I can move and start a training. I don’t want to complain, because I’m a really lucky girl and I’ve got lots of help from my parents and I’m so thankful for them, but nevertheless I try to do everything what I can, because I don’t expect that they build up my future, because this is my own job.

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the book was better

Short – DIY
Shirt – vintage
Tight socks – H&M
Tshirt – vintage
Shoes – Boohoo

You can’t be bored if you love reading. I’m the girl who always says „the book was better”. The movies are big disappointments for me usually. If you read a book, you can create your own world just for yourself, you can make own characters and sometimes this notion doesn’t look alike in the movie. The books are more detailed and the director has a difficult task, if he has to make movie based on book.

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