rules are necessary

Do you know the feeling when you go to the supermarket planning to buy some essential groceries and you come home with a pair of new jeans? Well, couple of days ago I’ve experienced it. I wanted to buy bread and on the way I saw these jeans in the window of a shop and I knew at the first moment: I need this, I don’t care about the price.

I hate buying new jeans. I love shopping, but I always buy dresses, t-shirts or sometimes skirts, but jeans? Almost never! Trouser-shopping is a real torture for me. Trial and error all the time. And the consequence is that, I haven’t got too many pants. Lately I feel the lack of jeans. I always wear the same trousers and I feel like I always wear the same outfit. I have lot of unused t-shirts, because I haven’t got enough options… so I have decided, from now on, I will force myself to trouser-shopping. Cruel step, but it’s necessary.

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let it burn down

I totally fall in love with this outfit. The black and red look amazing together. They are the perfect color pairs. Fortunately, this summer isn’t too hot. The colder and warmer days change each other, so I didn’t have to say goodbye my favorite accessories, for example I can wear black stockings. I’m so happy, because I mentioned before that I hate the typical summer outfits. By the way, the time passes so quickly. I just close my eyes and when I open it, it will be already autumn.

Lots of things happen to me nowdays. I finished my university, I got my degree, I quit my current job and I got a new job in Budapest. I got the keys of my new apartman. It’s so fast. I haven’t got enought time to think over these. But the best part: I applied successfully for my dream school. I worked on it for more than a year. So, in september, I will become a real stylist student. I can’t wait it!

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be my enemy

Okey, when I found this skirt in a thrift store, I knew it for the first time, I need it! It’s so cute and I really like its poison green color, but after the first time, when I wore this, I realised: I still hate the close fitting clothes. I can’t say that it’s not a pretty skirt, because I got a lot recognition from everybody around me, but it didn’t convince me. I felt really bizarre myself in this skirt, unfortunately. Maybe, if I wear it several times, I can get along with it. However, right now I will stay with oversized suits.

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Latvia soul-trip vol.2

Do you believe in Paradise? No? Because you should! It’s true, I always fall in love with the country, where I am. I love to travel. If I could, I would leave everything behind me and I go travelling around the world. I prefer steady things to facing unexpected challenges, but if I’m on way, I always forget about my problems. Sometimes I feel this woud be a solution. Or maybe, this would be only a coward escape from the real life.

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Latvia soul trip vol.1

Now, this post will be out of the ordinary. Not too often I write travel posts. Unfortunately, because I really love to travel. My big dream is to travel around the world one day, but something always comes along, for example money, my job, not enough freedom, too much tasks… you know, life always happens. If I could, I press the pause button on it. Just so that I can think over everything. Where am I now? Where do I want to go?

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become a basic bitch

Hello girls! Today I made you a really simple outfit, because nowdays I go by bike to everywhere, so I prefer comfy outfits these times. While I was editing the photos, I found out that I’ve become a basic bitch, but nevermind.

The crop top is so fashionable now and I understand why. It’s comfortable, pretty and awesome at the same time. In hot weather, this is the best choice, but even I don’t dare wearing it. Now, I chose fishnets with it, because it hides my belly. Without stockings I feel like I’m nude. I know, that I don’t have a perfect body – and this is my fault, because I always skip working outs…

My friends always ask me, why am I so cruel with myself, because I’m not fat?! I know it and this isn’t a cry for asking praises. No, no. I’m just honest with myself: I need to eat less and work more on my body. Just… I’ve got always too many things in my life… Yes, the excuses are coming. This is the biggest problem with me.

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men in makeup?

Hello girls! Today I made a video for you about a new phenomenon and this is the „men in makeup”. I know, watching this video feels like I live in a jungel – and yes, sometime I feel like that – but our parrot can’t be quite… So irritating, isn’t it? I really love the animals, but sometimes I belive he tries to kill me with his annoying beep.

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