let the storm descend upon you

Blazer – Vintage
Shirt – Vintage
Jeans – C&A
Boots – Catwalk

Hello everyone! Here’s a new outfit. This look means a lot too me, because I am wearing my favorite band’s t-shirt, which I bought at a gig. This was the first – and I hope not the last – time when I saw them live.

Sometimes I tried to imagine what would be my reaction if I got the news that they come to my country. Finally, I could experience it, but there weren’t any squealing and jumping around. Partly because it’s not my style, also I was at an university lecture, but of course I was really-really happy!

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say goodbye to 2016

Lot of people think that last year was horrible, because lot of famous people have passed away in 2016. – But not for me. 2016 was the best year in my life. I have got lots of good memories from the past year, so I’m really sad that I have to say goodbye to it.

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dreaming of a white Christmas

If I had to choose a favorite season I couldn’t. I love winter, because of Christmas, the New Year’s Eve and everything is so beatiful when it’s snowing – but it’s rare here nowdays. I hope we will have a white Christmas this year, because it has been snowing yesterday. Hopefully it’ll last till Christmas! I remember when I was a kid we had white Christmas almost every year, but by now I can hardly remember the city with snow. It has been too long.

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make Christmas for poor people too

Hello everyone! Here is a new – and the last autumn outfit post, because winter has arrived! I’ve got this coat for a long time, but I have never worn it because of its color. I felt it’s too garish, but now when I found it in my closet I realised: it has amazing shades and it looks perfect with a black outfit. The t-shirt what I wear is a band T-shirt from a gig. It means a lot of for me because I bought it on my first concert with my brother. I hope it wasn’t the last time.

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