budapest photo diary

My favorite part of a journey is when I get off the train and I see the light shining throught the window of the station. This time it looks like a crystal window. So proud and beautiful. I get a mystical feeling. I just see the flowing mass of people around me and I can get enough of it.

This is so incredible that I love this city and I’m dreaming about that I live here for a long time, but there is everything about this town that I hate. Crowd, large spaces and I always feel like a lost little girl in a huge concrete jungle. It feels like the buildings grow over my head and they want to eat me. It’s so scary. However, here I truly feel that I live and I’m part of the blood circulation.

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interview with Verónica MG

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to make something different so I took an interview with a girl who I know from She is a fashion blogger too, from Spain. She is very talented and inspirated person, so I want to know her better.

If somebody reads your blog, she can see that you are a really colorful person. You make outfit photos, write inspiration posts and make youtube videos too.

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already christmas in London

We went to the UK for a few days to visit my brother, who has been living there for a year with his family. I was very excited, because I have never flew before and I have never been in London before… Leeds and Castleford, where my brother lives, was beatiful. I loved it. I could spend more time there, I am really sorry we were there only for one weekend.

It is unbelievable, but Leeds is already getting ready for Christmas. They got lights and decoration everywhere, especially in the market, which was wonderful. Some say they are crazy to dress the city up for Christmas this early, but I don’t mind it, because Christmas is my favourite holiday. We drank hot chocolate and walked among the people, I got in the mood instantly and now I can’t wait for Christmas.

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