merry merry winterberry!

Hello everybody! Today I’m gonna show you my Christmas present from myself. 🙂 I’ve been dreaming about an EOS lip balm for a long time, and now finally I’ve bought it. Moreover this is a winter limited edition collection with a vanilla bean and a winterberry bean. I will be honest: I couldn’t imagine how the winterberry will taste like, but I fell in love with it at the first time, when I tried it.

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short story about my hair

Hello everyone! Today I would like to tell you a story about my hair. When I started this blog I had pink hair, but now I decided to dye my hair red again. I’ve been always red, but last summer I woke up and I went to the shop for pink hairdye and bleach, but it was not this simple. I had to bleach my hair to white, but everybody knows: red is the most difficult color to remove. It was a really hard fight, but at the end I became pink, finally! I was soooo happy about my new hair color, because it was on my bucklet list: one day wear an extreme hair color.

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big makeup haul

I had to updated my makeup collection, so in this post I would like to show you what I bought on my beauty shopping marathon.

A sminkcuccaimra már igazán ráfért egy kis felfrissítés, szóval nekivágtam egy shopping körútnak és most ebben a bejegyzésben azt szeretném nektek megmutatni, hogy mi mindent sikerült összevásárolnom.

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